Test big ideas with a design sprint

Rapidly solve big design problems in just four days! Yes, just four days!

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How does a Design Sprint work?

Take some time out and think, a Design Sprint is a four day hands on workshop where you partake in building the solution.

For the first two days we’ll need you and your best in house with us to run through the concept and storyboard the best solution.

We’ll take day three and four in-house and develop a prototype, test it and come back with real user feedback.


The Concept

  • Kick off and introductions
  • Map the idea or problem
  • Propose a number of solutions

The Storyboard

  • Decide on the best solutions
  • Storyboard the best solution
  • Plan the prototype

The Prototype

  • We’ll spend Wednesday building a high fidelity prototype of our idea

The Test

  • We’ll test our prototype with a selecton of real users
  • Use feedback to iterate or outline our next steps
Take some time out and think with us! All done in-house at human
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Make a giant leap

Design Sprints were originally developed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures and was used by their team assist High Potential Startups quickly develop and test their ideas.

In todays fast moving business world Design Sprints let you take a giant leap toward a finished product before making any costly commitments.

We’ve used Design Sprints to design a range of digital products for Newstalk, SpinFM, Chupi and Morgan McKinley.

With a Design Sprint you get a high fidelity prototype of your idea in four days

The final outcome is a high-fidelity prototype tested by real users, giving real unfiltered feedback on your idea or solution.

A Design Sprint can be used to tackle a big idea, a small idea of even one idea or problem at a time.

Your developers or development partners can use the prototype to plan development sprints. All the while you can rest assured that that the groundwork has been done to ensure user satisfaction.

Sprint Add-Ons

Full Product Designs

Like what you see? Let us take your prototype to the next level and produce a full set of high fidelity designs.

Product Specifications

If you’re looking to work with ourselves, in-house developers or a third party development house we can produce a full product specification based on the sprint outcomes.

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